Canada: The State of the Federation 2004:                                                      Municipal-Federal-Provincial Relations                                                                            in Canada

June 2006

Edited by Robert Young and                                                                                Christian Leuprecht 

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations,                                                                                                              Queen's University

McGill-Queen's University Press

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I    Introduction

1. Introduction: New Work, Background Themes, and Future Research about Municipal-Federal-Provincial Relations in Canada                                                                                                                                               - Robert Young and Christian Leuprecht

II   Background

2. The Federal Urban Role and Federal-Municipal Relations                                                                                  - Loleen Berdahl

3. Municipal Relations with the Federal and Provincial Governments: A Fiscal Perspective                                     - Melville L. McMillan

4. Citistates and the State of Cities: Political-Economy and Fiscal-Federalism Dimensions                                   - Thomas J. Courchene

III   Restructuring

5. Why Municipal Amalgamations?  Halifax, Toronto, Montreal                                                                               - Andrew Sancton

6. Revisiting Municipal Reforms in Quebec and the New Responsibilities of Local Actors in a Globalizing World     - Pierre Hamel and Jean Rousseau

7. Intergovernmental Relations and Polyscalar Social Mobilization: The Cases of Montreal and Toronto              - Julie-Anne Boudreau

8. Recent Changes in Provincial-Municipal Relations in Ontario: A New Era or a Missed Opportunity?                   - David Siegel

IV   Policy

9. Ethnocultural Diversity, Democracy, and Intergovernmental Relations in Canadian Cities                                 - Christian Poirier

10. What Factors Shape Canadian Housing Policy?  The Intergovernmental Role in Canada's Housing System    - J. David Hulchanski

V   Processes

11. Local Whole-of-Government Policymaking in Vancouver: Beavers, Cats, and the Mushy Middle Thesis            - Patrick J. Smith and Kennedy Stewart

12. Rhetoric and Restraint: Municipal-Federal Relations in Canada's Largest Edge City                                       - Tom Urbaniak

13. Urban Asymmetry and Provincial Mediation of Federal-Municipal Relations in Newfoundland and Labrador    - Christopher Dunn

14. Federal-Municipal-Provincial Relations in Saskatchewan: Provincial Roles, Approaches, and Mechanisms      - Joseph Garcea and Ken Pontikes


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